Went on a weekend Paris trip with UKstudytours and the first thing we saw when our group arrived in Paris was the Notre Dame. The architecture was amazing inside and out. /swoons)

A few pics from my Spring Break.

Went to the Marble Arch today and rode a bike around Hyde Park. It was a nice day. : D

Last weekend me and my friend experienced not rainy weather for once in London. So… we decided to go places and do things. First we checked out the British Library which was disappointing because it was a Sunday so there wasn’t much to see. Then we look in our travel book and saw some place called Kenwood house and decided to go there.

It was really beautiful and I was 1000% surprised when I found out that this was the house that Dido Elizabeth Belle was raised in. It was a happy discovery.

Took the tube to Tower Bridge today and even went inside. Will probably post some other pics later.

Also it was very, very, very, very, very, VERYwindy. Like literally there were 57 of us and we had to pull together to not fall over. If I had my hair down you would see the disaster of this wind but luckily I did not because it would have not looked nice at all.

a few more pictures!

I haven’t posted in awhile considering I went to Stonehenge and Bath last week but hey I was really lazy so yeah. But today we went to the Isle of Wight! Kinda sounds like “Wright” but it isn’t. Anyway, Wight is essentially an island off of Britain and was about southwest of London. It took about 2 hours to get to the ferry and then an hour to get off of mainland and head towards the Island. I got some really great pics and I’m happy because I left my actual camera at the dorm so I was stuck with my iPod but it pulled through.

I must also note that it was incredibly windy. Like really, really, really, really, really, REALLY windy. And those majestic views? We started to climb a hill to get those views and the wind pounded us. And then it started to rain. And then it started to hail. And then everyone gave up and returned to the coach.

i have fallen in love with Bahlsen Hit cookies here. They are so good. o3 o

the weeaboo in me was strong today.

more pictures from chinatown